Important Announcement

Dear Visitor

The IT Health Partnership has voluntarily decided to cease trading and to transition the business activities to two entities each with its own focus, effective 1st June 2020:

Future Perfect (Healthcare): offering advanced analytics, AI, the genomes programmes, ePMA support, data tools for clinical decision support and associated clinical governance.

Robin Stern and Jon Reed, (hitherto Partners of the IT Health Partnership) are the Directors of Future Perfect (Healthcare).  This new company has also acquired our sister company, eHealth Links, that has worked on integration and interoperability, including several OpenEHR projects.

In so doing, Future Perfect (Healthcare) has brought together the various strands of work undertaken by the Partners as well as re-focusing and re-purposing the business.

Most Partners will be moving their business to Future Perfect (Healthcare), in which to continue working exactly as before.

See for more information

or contact Robin Stern or Jon Reed


Helicon Health: offering business, product and solution design with advisory services in digital and precision population health, related Internet of Things and telemedicine services.

These services will be transitioned to Helicon Health under Tony Bowden’s leadership, CEO of Helicon Health. Helicon Health has recently concluded arrangements to deliver a Clinical Trial for the Internet of Things funded by NHS England.

Also agreed is Helicon Health’s role as a distributor and partner for  the leading global provider of Telehealth and Virtualisation technologies including two NHS Global Digital Exemplar (GDE) groups here in the UK.

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or contact Tony Bowden

If you wish to express an interest in working with either Future Perfect (Healthcare) or Helicon Health, then please do so by contacting us as above.

On behalf of all Partners, present and past, we wish to thank you most warmly for the interest that you have shown in the IT Health Partnership, for the custom that we have had the honour to fulfil and for the many business associations that, we sincerely hope, have proven of mutual value and stimulation.