June 19, 2018

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Now we are 5 – years old!

The IT Health Limited Liability Partnership was founded in July 2013 by Will Seabrook, Jonathan Reed and Ian Hall starting with just 5 clients in that year.

It has developed over the intervening 5 years into a very successful consulting business which now has 18 Partners and 12 Associates with a broad range of clinical, managerial, health informatics an technical skills.
The Partnership has been consistently profitable and will have revenue of approximately £1 million at the end of its 5th financial year.

The original ethos of the founding Partners was to establish a group of experienced health informatics professionals who liked working together and who respected and trusted each other. That goal was achieved and still holds true today even though the numbers of Partners has multiplied by 6.

Now, in 2018 there are 30 clients (and growing) who come from a mix of organisations – NHS Trusts, CCG’s, private hospitals and healthcare IT system suppliers.

This is an on-going success story and all the Partners are determined to continue to build on the success in the future.

Happy birthday to all at the IT Health Limited Liability Partnership!


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