February 27, 2019

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Will Seabrook – Memories

In Memoriam
William Henry James Seabrook
The Partners of The IT Health Partnership LLP mourn the death of its founder Will Seabrook.
Our much loved leader, colleague and friend.


We, as Partners of the IT Health Partnership LLP are eternally grateful to Will for his tireless leadership and dedication to driving technological innovation and change in health systems. Will impacted the lives of a huge number of people in U.K. and around the world through his visionary leadership and entrepreneurial spirit. For those of us who worked with Will, the one thing we all have in common is an overwhelming memory of his great common sense approach when addressing complex matters. We have also all been touched by Will’s humanity and many other qualities expressed in the memories of our Partners and Associates some of which you can view below.

Rosie Faunch, Partner and Chair, IT Health Partnership LLP
Thank you Will for giving so many people the benefit of your wisdom and knowledge. You pioneered the dawn of IT in Healthcare and were generous with your support of those following in your footsteps. You will never be forgotten by people like me who were fortunate enough to have known and worked with you. 

Ian Hall, Partner, IT Health Partnership LLP
First and foremost Will was one of the best friends I have ever had. He was great company, generous and reliable. From a business perspective he was the most perceptive of colleagues making it very easy for me to work alongside him and on the numerous occasions I asked for his assistance his advice was always clear, concise and helpful, in short he was the best mentor I have ever had. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Will but I cannot write about him without mentioning golf. Some of the best hours of my life have been spent with Will playing and discussing golf. When I first met Will I was a customer of his and we discovered we both enjoyed doing business on great golf courses. When I moved to work for and alongside him I thought these days would end, far from it, we enjoyed even more days out. I think Will just enjoyed giving golfing pleasure to people. Hopefully other people will write about Will’s great impact on healthcare IT, at this time all I can think of is the fact that I have lost a great friend who I will miss immensely but never forget.  

Tony Bowden, Partner, IT Health Partnership LLP
I have so many memories of Will. All good ones. When we met, Will always made me feel that I was the most important person in the world at that moment in time. Will inevitably had a clear agenda in his mind and more often than not it was already written down and printed out in duplicate so there could be no misunderstanding. That being said, Will worked tirelessly on behalf of others. There was nothing in his psyche to simply feather his own nest. Will was a team player through and through and I feel honoured to have been on Will’s team several times –  I treasure those times and those memories. I miss you Will. 

If you wish to express your own memories please just enter them in the comments section below. Please note that these comments will be able to be viewed on our web site and we also intend to create a book of memories for the family to keep which will contain the thoughts and comments expressed on this memories web page.


16 Responses to “Will Seabrook – Memories”

  1. Kathy Farndon

    Will has been such an incredible mentor to me since I ventured into the world of healthcare management consulting and I am truly grateful to him, but he was so much more than that – he was also a wonderful friend and confidante. I miss you Will – RIP.

  2. Mark Vincent

    I initially met Will in the late 1980s when he was leading TDS to deliver EPR systems that many NHS Trusts would be happy to have now. Since then I have kept in contact with Will but in more recent years have had the absolute pleasure of working more closely with him and spending quality time on the golf course. He always conducted himself in a professional, dignified and honourable manner and was a true gentleman in all senses of the word. He was very generous to me and invited me to play some lovely golf courses which came with free tuition asked for or not. I will do my very best to implement his suggestions and if I ever become half the player Will was then will be absolutely delighted . Will – I will remember you with much fondness and respect!

  3. I first met Will when he ran TDS and I was at McAuto in the early 80’s. Will and Jon Melling took over our European Operation in 1998 and we’ve worked together off and on ever since. Some of the greatest golfing moments I’ve had in my life were with Will and Jon. Will became not only a confidant but a close friend. Spending time with Will and Carolyn at the “Open” are some of my family’s greatest memories. Along the way we actually did some great business together. I will never forget his laugh which we managed to do quite a lot! Rest in Peace Will.

  4. As one might expect, Will and I really met on Stoke Poges Golf Club when I was at ACT Medisys. It was a sign of things to come whether playing at the Berkshire, Worplesdon, St Georges or St Andrews, which we were able to do on many occasions. Or whether we were entertaining clients at the Open (you all know who you are!!). Those of you film buffs probably know that Goldfinger was filmed at Stoke Poges. What you may not knkow was that some of the flming was done at the Berkshire and because the guy who played Goldfinger lacked any golfing talent, they called in Will’s Dad to be Goldfinger playing golf. So when you see his hands and feet putting, tht was Will’s Dad, who was the Secretary of the club at that time!!
    Many of my golf experiences with Will were intimidating in the nicest possible way. As you know he was a big man but he was always able to demonstrate a deft touch with the short stick!! I once marveled after a round where he had managed to shoot a score below his age. His response was “Jon, you do that regularly for 9 holes!!”
    When I left ACT Medisys or Misys, Will called me and said, “Jon, I think we need to talk, don’t you?” Guessing where the conversation was going, I agreed to meet. At the time Will’s business was called Data Systems Consultants, and that meeting led to us forming HealthSystems Consultants with the two of us as partners. I can honestly say the 10 years we worked in Partnership were some of the happiest years of my life. We worked hard, built a great team and really had a lot of fun working with great clients, some of whom are now part of the IT Health Partnership but all remain dear friends.
    When Sheri and I knew we had to move back to the States, which I might add was one of the hardest decisions Iwe had to make, Will provided great support and counsel, which I will miss in the future, but still have his words ringing in my ears. He and Caro, became good friends and when our kids Richard and Jacquelyn were young, were very supportive as we wrestled with personal health issues and the challenges of just raising a family.
    Now when I think back on life with Will Seabrook, it was fun, challenging as we grew the business but took me to places and people that I would not have been able to do without him. I am proud to be able to call Will, friend and Partner and will always miss him!! Rest In Peace Will!

  5. Paul Charnley

    I met Will in the late 80s as a customer at Wirral Hospital and later in the 1990s in Bath. Every time I met him my career took a turn for the better. A Gent and a wise adviser. Thanks

  6. Mik Horswell

    I first met Will when he introduced me to Data Systems Consultants work when I was an NHS manager in the early 1990’s and have been privileged to have known him for around 30 years. He welcomed me into consultancy with both HealthSystems Consultants and IT Health and taught me so much about business techniques. His cool, calm, efficient and effective approach to everything, rubbed off onto all who worked with him. I am so grateful to Will for all he shared and helped me with over many years. I will really miss not hearing his wise counsel, support and assistance. Thanks for everything Will.

  7. Lauren O'Mahoney

    I first met Will in the early 1990’s when I went to work for Citation Computer Systems. Since then I have had the honour and pleasure of working with him at Summit Health, DataSystems Consultants, HealthSystems Consultants, IT Health and eHealth Links. As well as being an astute businessman, Will was a kind and generous person – always there to give sound advice and support. My life, and many others I am sure, was much richer for having known him. I will miss him greatly.

  8. Scott Sommerville

    I was introduced to Will just over 12 Months ago through, now, fellow partner Mark Vincent. Will was warm, charismatic, inquiring and exuding energy in away that belied his then 83 years. A true leader and inspiration for a joining partner to follow. We never got that game of golf Will! RIP

  9. John Cruickshank

    Will was a dear friend and colleague for over 35 years. I first met him in 1985 as he was bringing TDS into the UK market and we worked together on (in)famous Wessex bid and project. He was kind enough to encourage me to join HealthSystems in 2001 and in recent times I really valued him as a trusted, wise colleague at the Partnership. He could always see his way through any business problem.

    I also enjoyed many happy times with him on the golf course. Most especially I will always remember fondly the last two days Ian and I had with him at Royal St George’s last November. Perhaps it was his last game of golf, and it was only fitting that he beat me (but not Ian).

    Throughout all these times, he was kind, generous, selfless, loyal to me in good times and bad. He was fun, courageous and never moaned. We are all privileged to have known him. May he rest in peace.

  10. Iain Hunter

    I am so sad to hear of the passing of Will Seabrook. I first met Will over twenty years ago at one of the Harrogate Health IT conferences. He was standing in a tiny stand and his bulk took up all the available space – hardly any space for Jon Melling! Out of that meeting came the development of a strategy for Grampian Healthcare, as it then was. Will brought such clarity that even the hard-nosed Scotsmen of the NHS in Grampian respected his thoughts and views.

    Needless to say, Will brought his golf clubs! In later years I looked forward to his visits to the Autumn meeting at St Andrews. He would phone up and if we couldn’t get a tee time at St Andrews, there was always Carnoustie!

    I look back with fondness to my times in Will’s company. He always made me feel ‘important’ but was not slow to tell me that I had taken five when I claimed four!

    How do I think of Will? Simply, he was a ‘good man’. It was my honour to know him.

  11. Rob Tysall-Blay

    I met William over 20 years ago and have treasured our business relationship and friendship over many years. William was instrumental in my joining JAC as CEO and his guidance and advice, on and off the golf course has been invaluable. Condolences go to all his family, friends and partners at It Health Partners. RIP William you will be deeply missed.

  12. As president of TDS in the 1980s, Will led the 1st-ever sale of a whole-hospital EPR system to the UK. I had the privilege of project managing its initial phases. Other than very occasional encounters at trade shows, I saw little of Will until I joined IT Health Partnership in 2014, since when his qualities of literally lifelong experience and commitment have impacted myself, among us all.
    We have each articulated Will’s attributes that most mattered to us. I have two: his talent for making the apparently complex quite simple; and his strong determination to just carry on doing what he wanted most to do – and never to retire! Not only did he never retire, in all truth I never saw a reason that would have necessitated him retiring. Like many of us, I am still working with his recommended reading references, reflecting how successfully he continued to live and operate in present times.
    So, from my choice of Will’s notable attributes, I have my role model. To fulfil them, I have so much still to learn!

  13. John Moriarty

    I first met Will in the mid-90’s when I was looking for help to bring MicroScript Corporation into the UK market. Hiring Will’s company was the best decision I ever made. With his guidance and that of his his team (some of whom became MicroScript employees), I learned a great deal about the UK healthcare IT market and even more about professionalism. And over the years I continued to learn from Will, who kindly kept me in his amazing circle of friends and family, teachers all. Like everyone else who had the opportunity to get to know this great gentleman, I will miss him dearly.

  14. Nathan Lea

    I met Will a couple of years ago and had the pleasure of working with him recently. I was humbled by his insight, intellect and acumen. Moreover I enjoyed and truly appreciated his wit, humour and warm professionalism.

    Will has made an overwhelming contribution and leaves a powerful legacy on which to advance health through technology. For this and many other things we will remember him, and be grateful for all he has achieved.

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