Client Summary – South West London & St George’s Mental Health NHS Trust – Enterprise IT Business Cases

The mental health Trust needed to pursue replacement of legacy “National Programme” systems, having gone “paperlight” in 2006/07, and required a robust business case to cost-justify replacement.  The benefits challenge was considerable and totally depended upon securing a high level of engagement in the organisation – among clinical leads, transformation managers and the Finance team.

Robin Stern and David Irwin, Partners in the IT Health Partnership LLP, were the consultants engaged to produce an Outline Business Case (OBC) and, subsequently, the Full Business Case (FBC) that concluded and confirmed the procurement.  Full discipline was exercised in determining the benefits in the FBC, such that savings would only be recognised if signed off as removals from budgets by budget holders. The consultants designed and led workshops with clinicians across the Trust that focused upon the benefits to be realised through process and workforce change, aligned around e-prescribing, medicines management and clinical document management.

The Trust’s Director of Information and IT, David Green, engaged the consultants. “The FBC savings benefits actually exceeded their earlier estimate from the OBC, reflecting the consultants’ highly productive process from aligning the business case with the transformation programme. This conclusively showed the considerable added benefits of technology enablement, when rigorously applied to process and workforce change also.