Enabling Innovators, De-Risking Investors

Helping health-tech innovators succeed, de-risking and thereby encouraging investors

Innovators face challenges and difficulties that can confound, delay and scupper the best of them.

What we provide

We will work collaboratively to provide assessment of problems and potential road blockages in order to develop a plan. We provide real solutions, many of which will have been unaffordable to a small innovating business, but which we have made repeatable and affordable.

The outcomes

  • Far faster and more predictable development path
  • Unequivocal demonstration of value
  • Proven propositions, readier to deliver
  • De-risked investment propositions
  • Likelier winners of successive private investment and public grants

Innovation in Healthcare is happening in several areas, and many more will follow:

  • Patient self-management
  • Precision medicine capabilities
  • Integrated care

Successful innovation does not always take the form of Big Ideas, small nudges can play a huge part in establishing momentum.

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