Supporting our clients to grow their business

The recent changes in local strategic thinking, coupled with a move to decentralised decision making in some markets, has provided the opportunity for new companies to drive innovation and creativity back into the healthcare IT market. The IT Health Partnership will provide new thinking and new innovation in all areas of its business, which includes high-level consultancy services, new products and solutions and Value Added Reselling opportunities for vendors working in the healthcare IT space. We genuinely believe that we can bring a fresh approach to our clients and partners both at home and internationally.

We are able to help our clients identify, qualify and take up opportunities to identify and ride the waves of business and build an enduring profitable business in the UK health and care sector.  With our deep understanding of the complexity of health and care we are able to guide our clients through this valuable UK business sector.

Our Partners are widely known and trusted in the UK health and care technology industry, with a deep domain knowledge they offer links to a wide network across government and industry bodies and potential investors.  They are able to talk the right language and support clients to be credible in this important sector.

We have a range of products which we can tailor to clients’ individual needs, and enhance with our portfolio of bespoke capabilities.

  • Market entry & growth

    The SHERPA Programme

    A carefully structured programme to support market entry and growth based on tried and tested business experience, informed by deep industry knowledge and underpinned by best practice approaches.

    Using our ‘SHERPA’ programme we can help with:

    • Capability assessment to position for successful growth and delivery
    • Go-to-market strategy, using innovative services and business models
    • Market scoping and channels, including outsourcing & academic partners
    • Competitor analysis
    • Risks and mitigation
    • Alliances and access to investment and other funding opportunities


  • Sales enablement
    • Supporting bid teams and increasing win rates
    • Developing sales teams through mentoring and leadership
    • Planning & auditing sales campaigns
    • Navigating Government, regulatory and procurement frameworks
    • Market research
    • Marketing, comms & events
  • Product value analysis
    • Benefits modelling to ensure and communicate clinical and business value
    • Improved sales approaches with evidence based case studies
    • Developing links and networks with government and industry bodies
  • Financial and Contractual

    Supported by our partnership with Capsticks The Medical Business Alliance we are able to offer a full range of business support

    • Financial reviews
    • Due diligence
    • Contract negotiation
    • People and talent management
  • Thought leadership
    • Authoring influential white papers showcasing eHealth technologies
    • Expert insight into industry trends