Robin Stern, Partner

Robin is an experienced executive having worked at Board levels in NHS organisations and run a 10-strong consultancy in the health and social care sectors.  In over 20 years of consultancy, he has fulfilled many national and local level roles and assignments, helping to create and lead IT strategies and programmes, their alignment with healthcare and benefits assurance.

Robin also helps companies to develop their technology businesses in the UK health sector. Using a structured process of matching market with product, he and colleagues have helped to develop the business capability of companies considering the health sector, or established companies looking to step up their businesses. This has included successful launches onto NHS and public sector Frameworks, including G-Cloud.  Robin is an assessor of innovations and their respective businesses, working for public and private sector investors as a technical and business assessor.  He can monitor investee performance to assure progress in achieving the objectives of their respective investments. He is a NED of a digital health SME.

Robin’s chosen methodologies for innovation are Design Thinking for planning an innovation, and the Logic Model for its evaluation.  Design Thinking plans the innovation backwards, starting with desired outcomes, then inferring the activities and inputs needed; The Logic Model of evaluation works forwards, starting with inputs and activities, then assessing their value to the outcomes achieved – effectively the business case for its potential customers.

Robin leads on IT Health’s development of NHS Board effectiveness review methodologies.  This includes assessing and helping to develop Board-level capabilities in moving to more technology-aware vision and strategy, coupled with improved Board oversight of technology.

Robin has considerable experience working on large, complex and highly visible programmes. He is an effective leader and motivator, having developed many methodological skills through consultancy.  His assignments have included all NHS care sectors and social care, also supported housing and education. His roles have included strategic planning and business case construction, programme direction and pathway reform aimed at improving clinical productivity and integration of care.