Will Seabrook, Founder

In early 2019 The IT Health Partnership LLP lost a great leader, friend, colleague and advisor.

Will was the founder of The IT Health Partnership with the aim of working with like–minded people who shared his values. We must make sure that we honour his legacy and move forward ensuring we continue to maintain the standards of honesty, integrity, professionalism and above all common sense that he helped ensure were at the heart of everything we did.

At this time we, as Partners, believe the most important thing is to make sure that we do not forget what Will was instrumental in helping to start.

Will Seabrook has gone, but he is definitely not forgotten and we will strive to honour his memory by continuing to build The IT Health Partnership LLP into an organisation that he would have been proud to have created.


A massive thank you to all the friends, colleagues and business associates who responded to the ‘Will Seabrook – Memories’ article posted by Kathy Farndon in February 2019 and who attended his memorial service in late April.

Reading the replies and talking to people at the memorial service it is clear that Will touched and influenced the lives and careers of a great many people. It is rare that so many individuals think of one person as their mentor and we think this just emphasises just how big a contribution Will made to healthcare IT and to those he came into regular contact with throughout his career.